I have been South bank with my classmates.
Because we were doing Jumping, like a trampoline. It's name of Jumping castle. It was very interesting and very exhorted. But I spent a grate time. I remembered When I was a child I did it a lots of time. 
However I had back and muscular pain.

Maybe we could do just 5 minutes but really really tired and fun. I thought a child has energy.
I can't do anymore.

And then, we were moving.
My friend take to the pub. She recommended it. So it was quite lovely also atmosphere and music is nice.
A lot of people were drinking and chatting  there. I thought there are popular.

I drank a one pint of beer. If I didn't drink alcohol, I could fun with someone. But doesn't mutter. I was really enjoying it.

I made a new friend. She is from Switzerland. She said she really liked me at the toilet. kkk I was very happy because I'm almost same feeling. I don't know exactly why. Probably she personality is very good. I know she had sence of houma. I want to make a good friendship with her. 

However I have very bad headache.