I found the kitty When I went to back from horse riding club to home. It's a almost dieing but still live. So I kept it and went to the animal hospital. I was very panicked so I missed the way and I couldn't calm down. I should have do it. A kitty was die When I arrived at an animal hospital. Dr. said a kitty clashed a big car when it acrossed the road. I mustn't sad. Because I was able to do it. Some friend and My family knew I really like animal so I couldn't avoid this happening.
I have been the book shop, They gave me a paper box. I stopped the huge road, some driver stopped or avoid me and my car. I have been an animal hospital and showed a kitty and went to the crematorium.
These happening quite often in Japan because a lot of wild cat are living. That's why I don't want to say Japanese language ... some people doesn't understand my feeling...☹️

I never forget today.